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If the fight against illegal phone towers is to continue and more illegal phone towers are to be pulled down, Woolooware Oval is where the next battle will be fought.  The facts and circumstances at Woolooware Oval appear to be so close to those at Oatley Park.


Leave your e-mail, name, phone number and address at this website, so you can be updated on further action.

Further see below for other ways you can help.


If the next battles at Woolooware Oval and in the Shire are lost:


1.       There could be a further 3, if not more phone towers built at Woolooware Oval; and


2.       Even more alarmingly the MESSAGE WILL BE heard loud and clear by all mobile telecommunications companies – COME AND PUT YOUR MOBILE PHONE TOWERS WHEREVER YOU WANT IN THE SUTHERLAND SHIRE – near our homes, in our parks, or a minimum of 300 meters from the schools and preschools of our children.  This is because Sutherland Council will be shown as unwilling to fight mobile phone towers despite its tough policies.


Don’t let this happen, after 16 months of pressure from residents and because of the High Court decision in the Oatley Park case, Sutherland Council has started a process that may result in the removal of all illegal phone towers in the Shire. However removal of the illegal phone towers in the Shire is NOT GUARANTEED show Sutherland Council they must act now:


1.      Write to the Mayor of Sutherland Council or the councillors who represent you at  Locked Bag 17, Sutherland NSW 1499 or e-mail the Mayor at Pblight@ssc.nsw.gov.au  and tell him Sutherland Council does have power to remove the illegal mobile phone towers in the Shire particularly the tower at Woolooware Oval, using the Oatley Park precedent established by Hurstville Council in the High Court. Further say you want these illegal phone towers removed immediately;


2.      Call Sutherland Council on 9710 0333 or 9524 4580 and ask to speak to the Mayor – tell him to use the Council’s power to remove the illegal mobile phone towers in the Shire particularly the one at Woolooware Oval immediately;


3.      Write letters to the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader “ Your Say PO Box 210 Hurstville NSW 2220 or e-mail 'jburrell@mail.fairfax.com.au' saying you want the Council to act to have the illegal mobile phone towers in the Shire removed particularly the one at Woolooware Oval. Please also enclose your contact details as these are required before they will consider your letter for publication; and


4.      Come to the Public Meeting at Woolooware Oval – details to be posted here soon.






The circumstances at Woolooware Oval are almost identical to those at Oatley Park because:


1.       Hutchinson 3G served a notice on Sutherland Council (in the same terms as that served on Hurstville Council for Oatley Park) purporting to exercise its maintenance power to pull down and replace a sports light pole; and


2.       Woolooware Oval’s zoning did not permit the building of phone towers without a DA which was not sought by Hutchinson 3G or provided by Sutherland Council, and


3.       Without Council development approval, Hutchinson 3G swapped out the existing wooden sports light pole and built a new metal pole; and


4.       What has been built at Woolooware Oval is not a low impact facility apart from the pole swap out, as the enclosure/shed is too big and is unsafe.


As a result of point 4, Woolooware Oval involves what appears to be an even more serious breach of the law than at Oatley Park as both the tower by itself and the enclosure/shed by itself are illegal as neither are a low impact facility.



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